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GCA is a fully integrated Network of consolidators, coming together to offer customers a single window of service - with a global reach.

Yet, in operations, GCA members are leading local players who know the local environment well and are geared to cater to the unique requirements of each country.

Unlike any network or loosely tied-up group of companies offering consolidation services, GCA is a melting pot of local heroes with a major network advantage. Evolving from common agency cooperation amongst NVOCC companies, GCA is an effective combination of global reach with local practices. You will always find the familiarity of a local company meeting your local needs, yet with highly effective global presence no different from dealing with a global network.
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JAN 2023: Chairman's Message 2023

As one of biggest country in global trade, shipping in China is one of the major industry that is key to bring its resources to the rest... Read More »

DEC 2022: Globelink Ünimar wins the Special Jury Award with its Unique Steps project

Globelink Ünimar, Turkey, won the Special Jury Award at the Atlas Logistics Awards with its Unique Steps project... Read More »

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