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Corporate News 2018

FEBRUARY 2018 - Issue 175   Lastest Issue

Alignment of Latin America Agency Network
After a period of uncertainty and significant changes, the shipping industry is looking to some form of stability and growth... Read More »

JANUARY 2018 - Issue 174

Chairman's Message 2018
After a period of uncertainty and significant changes, the shipping industry is looking to some form of stability and growth. Economic forecasts for 2018 are looking betters... Read More »

Corporate News 2017

DEC 2017 - Issue 173

CWT Globelink Annual Conference 2017
The CWT Globelink Annual Conference 2017 took place on 23 to 27 October in Chengdu... Read More »

NOV 2017 - Issue 172

Globelink Launches China – Europe Rail Service
In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for an alternative to air freight and sea freight. Time and costconscious customers are turning to rail services... Read More »

OCT 2017 - Issue 171

CWT Globelink Group - IT Capabilities
With the digitalization of our world, having everything present at our fingertips is something that has gone ingrained in our brains... Read More »

SEP 2017 - Issue 170

Globelink Unimar's Networking Event
Izmir is Turkey's third-largest city, proudly liberal and deeply cultured. The city has been an important Aegean port since ancient times, when it was the Greek city of Smyrna...Read More »

AUG 2017 - Issue 169

India Maritime Awards 2017
At the recent India Maritime Awards, held at St. Regis India on 21 June 2017, Globelink WW India were seen as big winners at the 2nd edition of this reputable event....Read More »

JUL 2017 - Issue 168

Globelink Pakistan's 20th Anniversary
Globelink Pakistan, was formed in 1997 and this year marks Globelink Pakistan's 20th Anniversary...Read More »

JUN 2017 - Issue 167

CEO Summit 2017
A highly respected annual event uniting close to 50 delegates from Globelink offices around the world...Read More »

MAY 2017 - Issue 166

Region Focus: Central America
Globelink Aeroceano have evolved over the years to become the market leader for Neutral NVOCC in Central America...Read More »

APRIL 2017 - Issue 165

Singapore seen as 'Big Winner' from Alliance Reshuffle
From 1st April, four shipping alliances will transform to three as THE Alliance and the Ocean Alliance begin operations...Read More »

MARCH 2017 - Issue 164

We are ISO 9001:2015 Accredited!
CWT Globelink is delighted to announce its accreditation for ISO9001:2015. Our transition to ISO 9001:2015...Read More »

FEBRUARY 2017 - Issue 163

Ushering in the Year of the Rooster
Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is undoubtedly the most important event in the Chinese calendar... Read More »

JANUARY 2017 - Issue 162

Chairman's Message 2017
2016 was a year of unpredictable major political and economic surprises. Many were shocked by United Kingdom's decision to exit EUand when Donald Trump was elected to be the next President of America...Read More »

Corporate News 2016

DECEMBER 2016 - Issue 161   

CWT Globelink Annual Conference 2016
Listed as the top 10 cities to visit in 2017 by the Lonely Planet©, Lisbon, Portugal 'a city armed with grit and glamour' was the anticipated location for CWT Globelink's Annual Conference 2016. Read More »

NOVEMBER 2016 - Issue 160

Globelink Uniexco Received Recognition Award
Mr Joaquim Pueyo, founder of Globelink Uniexco, was honoured with a commemorative plaque on 21 October 2016 in recognition and appreciation of Globelink Uniexco's milestone in the past 50 years...Read More »

OCTOBER 2016 - Issue 159

CWT Globelink Expands its Presence in Asia
It is with great pleasure that CWT Globelink announce the establishment of new offices in the Philippines – Manila and Cebu...Read More »

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Issue 158

Globelink Turn-key Hub Solutions
CWT Globelink Pte Ltd was established in 1988 and is now on its 28th year as a leading NVOCC in Asia...Read More »

AUGUST 2016 - Issue 157

Globelink IT Capabilities
In Globelink, we are committed to connect the world using technology & adopting IT strategies that align business needs. ...Read More »

JULY 2016 - Issue 156

Globelink Uniexco Spain Celebrates 50th Anniversary!
To commemorate its momentous Golden Anniversary milestone, Globelink Uniexco hosted...Read More »

JUNE 2016 - Issue 155

CEO Summit 2016
The 2016 CWT Globelink Group's CEO Summit have brought together close to 50 representatives from Globelink offices around the world...Read More »

MAY 2016 - Issue 154

Globelink HQ Malacca Retreat
Globelink HQ enjoyed a gastronomic retreat on a recent trip to the historical town of Malacca in Peninsular Malaysia...Read More »

APRIL 2016 - Issue 153

The Global Consolidator Alliance (GCA)
In order to provide better service coverage for the international freight forwarding community, Globelink formed the Global Consolidator Alliance (GCA) in 2009,..Read More »

MARCH 2016 - Issue 152

New Branch Office in Ankaral
Globelink Unimar Logistics Inc. is very proud to announce the establishment of a new branch office located in Ankara, Turkey...Read More »

FEBRUARY 2016 - Issue 151

Promotion: Direct Services to Brazil
We have recently rolled out a new program starting from mid of January 2016 to promote our direct services to Brazil. This is a strategic partnership with our long term partner, Craft, one of the leading consolidators in Brazil.Read More »

JANUARY 2016 - Issue 150

Chairman's Message 2016
Major events took place in 2015 that affect our lives. From calamities such as Earth quake in Nepal to a major flood in Chennai. Politically, there is the terrorist attacks in Paris and Turkey downing a Russian plane and the migrant crisis that engulfs Europe. Read More »

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